December 05, 2019 2 min read

The three men pictured in this series are all multigenerational Australian sheep farmers from the southern grampians region of Victoria in Australia. 

This series is taken in the shearing shed on our property Glenoe. My father Richard is wearing the beanie, my uncle Jamie has the denim jacket, and our long time friend Bill has the driver cap. 

McIntyre Meet the Makers

We took these photos in the shearing shed on our property Glenoe which has been in our family since 1846 when the McIntyre first settled there. We have raising sheep on the property ever since, and my parents focused in on growing the best merino wool possible. I grew up here and have very fond memories of playing in the wool in the shed when at shearing time when I was little. 

My father took over the management of Glenoe from his parents ran the property for over 40 years, retiring in 2015. 

My uncle Jamie is still running his farm which is about 30ks away from our property, and in a full circle moment his son Tom now leases our property Glenoe. So we definately keep it in the family! 

In this photshoot we wanted to highlight the people behind the merino wool fibre, because without these folk we would have no garments at all. At McIntyre we set out to honor the importance of merino wool to Autralia and to create products that appeal to a new generation. 

Cup of Tea in the mcIntyre woolshed

While we honor the heritge of our family, our design philosophy is to create modern, timeless, sustainable, and premium merino knitwear and basics. We choose to make all our garments with Australian merino wool because we know the fibre is amazing! 

Written by Founder Ned Scholfield (5th Generation descendent of Duncan McIntyre). 

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