Claire Lefebvre, Inspired by Nature


 "Check out this owl feather!" Claire exclaims to us excitedly, as she shows us around her studio. 

An Australian contemporary artist with a Master of Fine Art degree. Claire has an impressive portfolio, including five solo shows and multiple group shows. According to Claire herself, she has been an artist all her life, and she perceives everything around her as an over-exciting and overstimulating environment that she responds to artistically. Currently, she loves creating layers with fluid elements blended with more definite strokes in oils. Her inspiration comes from everywhere but when pressed she says Nature and all its textures are her biggest influence.

 Claire wears the Claire top in Baby Blue


As Claire shows us more of her prized objects It becomes apparent she collects lots of interesting natural things. Next she shows us a snake skin which texturally really inspires her.

But it’s not just texturally, its mythologically, it’s the symbolism. Hearing her explain the snakeskin to us its easy to tell that Claire finds creative inspiration in the natural world around her, and that these are not just merely objects they are a crucial part of the creative process for her just like her just like the Raw pigments that she has been crushing up and working with lately.

Claire and her partner Zoltan each have their own dedicated creative spaces in their rented California style bungalow in Thornbury - Claire in her art studio and Zoltan in his music studio. They are true multitalented individuals, constantly exploring new creative pursuits.