What is Merino wool exactly?

Merino is a breed of sheep specifically selected for their fine wool. Australia is the worlds largest producer of this natural fibre.

Why are McIntyre jumpers so soft?

Wool is measured by fibre diameter the lower the number the softer it feels. At McIntyre we select 19.5 micron (& finer) Australian merino wool.

Are your jumpers itchy?

No, you will find its the fibres that are over 30 micron that create the itch factor. Because we select much finer 19.5 micron wool our products are soft against the skin.

Are you Australian made?

Yes some of our items are! We make around 50% of the collection here in Australia, the rest is made in Vietnam. In Australia we focus on classic knitwear styles that our factories are better suited to.

In Vietnam we focus more on finer gauge knitwear which is very difficult to make in Australia. We selected our partners in Vietnam with help from woolmark. 

How do I wash my jumper?

Unless otherwise stated our products are machine washable. Just put them in your washing machine on wool wash setting (cold) and use wool detergent. Then dry them lying flat so as not to stretch them out. 

Do I always have to use woolwash? What if I use normal detergent?

Yes, some normal washing powder have strong chemicals which are damaging to natural fibres. We sell our own wool wash, and you can find varieties in most supermarkets. 

What's the best way to store my McIntyre products?

Folded in a cupboard. If not planning to wear for a long term we reccomend storing in a cloth bag.

Can I iron my mcIntyre products? 

Yes on a low heat (most irons have a wool setting), however you shouldnt really need too because if folded merino does not crease! 

I accidentally washed the jumper in the hot water and now it shrunk. What should I do?

Oh no! Try not to let the garment dry out. Soak in hair conditioner to relax the fibres loosening them up. Drain and do not rinse, gently squeeze out the moisture and then lay the garment flat on a light coloured towel to dry. You can roll the garment in the towell to take out extra moisture. When drying gently stretch the garment back to the size it was.

What’s the best way of getting rid of pills?

Our garments dont normally pill, but it can happen, especially if something abrassive like velcro of heavy Nylon rubbs against it.

We reccomend an electric de-pillar they work wonders and are not too expensive.

Is it safe to use a fabric shaver?

Yes, but not on cable knits.

Can I dry clean my McIntyre products? 

Refer to label, but generally yes.

Where is your farm?

Our farm 'Glenoe' is located in Western Victoria on the Hamilton Highway. This is the inspiration behind our label and a big motivator for us. We have grown wool on the property since 1846 to do so, however we dont soley use the wool from our farm in our jumpers. 

Do you ship Internationally? 

Yes we ship worldwide! We offer 2 methods - Australia post & DHL express.