Susan Armstrong: Cultivating cultural connections and sustainable style.


 Susan wears the Jose cardigan

Meet Susan Armstrong, the co-founder of Arts Matters and a Freelance art Director.

Residing in the scenic Watsons Bay. Although Susan grew up in the vibrant North Shore region, she felt a longing for a richer cultural environment, which ultimately inspired her artistic pursuits. Despite the North shore not being a cultural hotspot. Growing up in a household where her father was an avid collector, Susan developed a natural inclination toward creating, drawing, and collecting items herself.


 Susan, together with her friend Michelle, established Arts Matters two and a half years ago. The organization serves as a platform to unite individuals from diverse cultural backgrounds, spanning music, film, fashion, and fine art. They curate a range of events and activations across various artistic disciplines, fostering a sense of connection and inclusivity and have become a bit of a force in Sydney in the last 12-18 months.

Arts Matterschampions the belief that the arts extend beyond the confines of highbrow culture, embracing music, film, fashion, and dance as arts that as the name suggest truly do matter

New expeirences and the allure of novelty inspire Susan. Whether it's encountering a new song, discovering artwork, or immersing herself in an unfamiliar destination, she finds inspiration in the freshness of the unknown. Traveling to Spain recently awakened her senses, reigniting her appreciation for the scents, sounds, and sensations that accompany exploring a new place. 










"Being part Japanese and traveling back to my mothers home country once per year for most of my life really opened my eyes that that there is a lot going on out there, and so many different ways to look at the world. For example I love that when Japanese people get into something, they really get into it, they have a level of focus that your average Australian just doesn’t have."

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Susan wears our Jose cardigan in Oatmeal & our Willow vest in sharp green