Zoltan Fesco - What's in your studio?

What does an artist whose work is realised through musical and nonmusical contexts, solo and ensemble recordings, public artworks and sound installations have at their disposal in their studio? We sit down with Zolten (half of the creative duo behind the podcast - what artists eat) to discuss! www.whatartistseat.com

Growing up between two countries Australia and Hungary, has had a profound impact on Zoltan's art. While he showed early talent in classical piano, taking lessons in Budapest, it was a single moment that ignited a deeper understanding of sound and its relationship with the environment. At the age of seven, Zoltan noticed that the clicks at the pedestrian crossing in Budapest were different from those in Australia. This realization opened his eyes to the fascinating concept of sound and its connection to the world around us. It was a pivotal moment that shaped the foundation of his art, paving the way for a broader sense of listening and sound, extending beyond traditional music.



Since his eyes were opened to the world of music all around him, Zoltan has been on a continuous quest, teaching himself new instruments, experimenting with electronic manipulation, and recording sounds with microphones. In Zoltan's studio, we take a look at objects that hold deep significance. Music books line the shelves, constantly providing inspiration and a steady stream of ideas, below that is his synthesizer, on extended loan from a dear friend. Alongside it, there sits a drum machine, eagerly awaiting its role in an upcoming project. One instrument that stands out is a replica of the iconic Hofner bass, forever linked to the musical genius of the Beatles.



But perhaps the most exciting addition to the studio is the brand new drum kit. With more space than before, Zoltan finally had the opportunity to acquire this beloved instrument. The presence of these instruments and objects, both borrowed and acquired, are a reminder that

art is never created in isolation; it is a product of relationships, inspiration, and the transformative power of collaboration. You can hear Zoltans music, installations and podcasts online at www.zoltanfecso.com