Washing your woolies


How to wash your McIntyre woolies in the machine. 

  1. Turn your wool sweater inside out, or use a laundry bag
  2. Add a Wool detergent - click below to view ours. 
  3. Set your machine on wool cycle and on the cold setting. If your washing machine does not have a wool cycle, that's OK you can select the delicate setting.

That's it, too easy right! 

 washing wool


How to dry your McIntyre woolies.

  • Knitwear - such as sweaters & pants - should be flat-dried to avoid lengthening the garment. Dry flat on a towel (not a coloured one)
  • T-shirts, Socks, & our Fleece collection can be hung dried.

How often do I need to wash my jumper?

As wool is a natural fibre that is odor resistant it doesnt need washing as much as other fibres, this saves a lot of water, and a lot of time! As a guide we reccomend washing them every 15 wears - too easy!